SULLIVAN — Three candidates are seeking two supervisors seats on the Sullivan Town Board in the April 6 election.

The incumbents are Barry Boos and Gary Jackson, with Paul Goeglein the newcomer.

The three were asked to reply to questionnaires they were sent by the newspaper about their candidacies. Only Jackson responded.

Gary Jackson

Jackson, of W792 Village Line Road, Sullivan, has lived in the area his entire life and is a widower. His has a high school education and his previous political experience includes his service as a town supervisor.

He is self-employed at George’s Sales and Repair LLC in Sullivan, where he works in the repair shop and is a new machinery dealer. He is past president of the Sullivan-Rome Jaycees.

His statement of candidacy reads: “I believe the current town board has done a good job. We have been keeping costs down, but still supplying services. I live in the area close by. I am also close by every day if something would come up and would need attention right away.

“The candidate that is also running for the position would have too many conflicts of interest. He would not be able to vote on many things, because of being the fire chief and being on the sanitary district of the Rome area.

“So, I feel the person would be neglecting some services. I just feel I would be better, because I would never be too far away to provide help, etc., for the town.”

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