JOHNSON CREEK — The Johnson Creek Village Board of Trustees has given its final nod for a north Kwik Trip, with construction planned for this summer.

At a meeting of the board this week, no members of the public spoke on the subject of a second Kwik Trip locating in the village.

“This project expands the presence of this great Wisconsin company in Johnson Creek, provides additional tax base for the community, and will also provide several new jobs,” Johnson Creek Village Administrator Kyle Ellefson said. “I think this project enhances our appeal to travelers and visitors, and takes advantage of Johnson Creek’s position as the most heavily traveled crossroads in Jefferson County.”

Preliminary estimates are that the gas station and convenience store will open this fall.

The structure, which will have more room in its parking area than many other Kwik Trips, is being designed to serve semi trucks, as well as cars, as a combination truck stop and travel plaza.

The board’s approval comes on the heels of Johnson Creek Village Plan Commission and Committee of the Whole recommendations in favor of creating the gas station and convenience store.

The La Crosse-based gas station/convenience store chain proposed the second outlet in Johnson Creek north of the junction of Interstate 94 and state Highway 26 on the east side of the highway. It is planned to be just north of McDonald’s.

The new store will be in addition to a Kwik Trip located just south of the I-94/Highway 26 intersection on the west side of the roadway near Culver’s restaurant. No changes are planned for the southerly facility.

Ellefson said Kwik Trip will maintain and operate in both locations, serving two different customer bases.

According to Ellefson, plans for the new Kwik Trip have been in the making, in terms of the village’s involvement, since fall.

“It was then that they approached the village and we worked with them to get the project firmed up to where it’s ready for possible approval,” he said. “Everyone is pretty excited about this company and the fact they are planning on adding amenities, such as a car wash.”

Ellefson called the proposed location of the new Kwik Trip “perfect,” because it lies in a heavily used commercial zone.

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