Schools closed due to bomb threat

Barricades blocked the entrance and exit to Lake Mills High School late Wednesday afternoon after a bomb threat was called in, leading to the evacuation of all schools and early release for students.

LAKE MILLS — Classes were back in session Thursday following a bomb threat in the School District of Lake Mills Wednesday.

At 11:19 a.m. Wednesday, the office of the Lake Mills Area School District received a call with what was believed to be a recorded message. A bomb threat was made to an undisclosed school within the district with a specific window of time.

“The message provided a specific window (of time) in which the threat would be realized,” according to a press release from Daniel Drescher, City of Lake Mills public information officer.

“The threat was reacted to with immediacy as though credible,” he said, adding that the police investigation is active, ongoing and progressing well.

In response to the phone call, all the schools in the district were evacuated.

“All students and staff were moved to secure, off-site locations,” Drescher said.

Drescher said Thursday that after the search and investigation of all district facilities provided the “all clear,” the schools were reopened to students and staff.

“Although a larger-than-normal police presence was observed as the schools reopened the morning of Jan. 30, the Lake Mills Police Department and Lake Mills Area School District are confident that there is no ongoing threat or danger to students or staff,” Drescher said.

The Lake Mills Area School District, Lake Mills Police Department, Lake Mills Fire Department, Lake Mills Department of Public Works, FBI, ATF, UW-Whitewater, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies responded with officers, bomb-sniffing K-9s and other assistance to investigate the threat.

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