LAKE MILLS — The Lake Mills Rotary Club has donated $1,000 to the Rock River Free Clinic to pay for new computers.

The Rock River Free Clinic is a primary care clinic that operates from the Jefferson County Health Department facility Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Clinic services are free for clients who live in Jefferson County, Whitewater and Cambridge and who do not have health insurance.

The clinic currently is using computers running Windows 2007 — making them far out of date, according to clinic Executive Director Lori Maas.

“Sometimes there’s trouble getting (the computers) to even turn on,” Maas said. “My concern is it’s going to crash. It has an impact on us day to day; it slows us down.”

This will be exacerbated in the new year when Jefferson County upgrades its servers — the system in which all the clinic’s data is hosted. If the clinic does not get computers that are compatible with the new system, it won’t be able to help any patients

“There’s no way to even update them,” Maas said. “All of our information is housed on their server. We wouldn’t be able to access any of that. So that was my biggest need: I have to figure out how to replace the computers. (Jefferson County) has strict rules about what they’ll allow on their system.”

The Lake Mills Rotary Club donation followed a talk by Maas at Community Purse of Lake Mills. Rotary’s former president was in attendance and asked Maas to speak to her club.

When asked at Rotary, Maas said the clinic’s biggest need was computers.

Without her knowledge, the club came up with $1,000 to go toward the computers.

“It was huge,” Maas said. “It was a huge help and I was so surprised, I hadn’t asked them for it.”

The plan is for the clinic to buy two laptops and two desktop computers to help with operation of the clinic, Maas said.

While the computers are on the top of her list of needs, Maas said the clinic always can use help.

“We appreciate any and all donations,” Maas said.

Next on the list, according to Maas, is paying for new literature and fliers promoting the clinic. The clinic recently has gotten a new primary care provider and changed its hours, meaning the old brochures are out of date.

Maas needs to purchase and print all new fliers with the new information in both Spanish and English.

For more information about donating to the clinic, visit

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