LAKE MILLS — Lake Mills City Manager Steve Wilke updated the city council recently on the status of the street projects in the city.

“South Main Street is really winding down,” he said.

Crews were closing Lake Park Place Monday and planned to reopen it Aug. 19.

“Mulberry Street, they are continuing to move forward. They are pretty close to having the water and sewer done. There are a log of unusual water and sewer conditions on Mulberry Street,” he said.

Main and Mulberry streets are two of the oldest streets in the city.

“Everything we’ve done was an experiment to see what they were thinking in the pre-1904-05 days,” Wilke said. “In 50 years when they replace the street, the sanitary sewer should have another 25-30 years of life in it. There is so much abandoned infrastructure in that street, they will be trying to figure out what they are digging out all day long.”

He also mentioned that some of the houses on the street were still hooked up to lead lines unknowingly.

Wilke revealed during his report that archeological remnants were found at Sandy Beach, but not where they were expected. The city is planning multi-stage improvements and changes at the Sandy Beach site to begin in 2020.

“Phase one of the archeological study at Sandy Beach is done and we’ve moved to phase two. There is nothing in the mound. Where the sand volleyball courts are, there were a lot of pieces of archeological significance,” he said. “Phase two will determine if it was hauled in or if that was actually a spot where they camped.”

The Lake Mills water tower repainting should be done in the next week-and-a-half, Wilke told the council. The lettering will say “Lake Mills” and will be 40 feet across on two sides. The “Lake Mills” lettering will look blue, but the name of the paint is “purple haze.” The base of the water tower are two different bluish-grey colors.

The council approved the comprehensive annual financial report.

“You have a clean opinion. It’s the best report you can get,” said a representative from Hawkins Ash CPAs.

In other business the council:

• Recognized Kirk Riedner for his 34 years with the Street Department.

“We’ve appreciated all the work he’s done. One of his favorite chores is sweeping the streets,” Wilke said.

• Appointed Ryan Grady to the Plan Commission.

• Granted a privilege in the street for an awning to be placed in front of Tyler Speth American Family Insurance Agency, 132 E. Lake St.

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