JEFFERSON — The Jefferson school board on Monday accepted a teacher’s resignation contingent on finding a replacement.

Brittany Engstrom, a cross-categorical special education teacher at Jefferson Middle School, will not be released from her current position until a suitable plan for her replacement is approved and enacted.

Engstrom has submitted the $1,000 in liquidated damages required of a certified staff member who leaves at the start of the school year.

School District of Jefferson Superintendent Mark Rollefson said the district does not want to keep a person from professional development or from moving on to another position. However, he said, the district does have a responsibility to make sure that students are taken care of, and the teacher did enter into a contract with the district.

Asked what form this “suitable plan” could take, Rollefson answered that the district could approve hiring a replacement for that position — which would have to come before the board of education for approval — or administrators could put a long-term substitute in place, which would not require board approval.

He said he does not see splitting up that teacher’s duties among other staff members as a viable option, as caseloads are high enough as it is.

In other business, the School District of Jefferson Board of Education heard a report from Rollefson on the district’s progress toward the goals laid out in strategic plan, in the third year of the plan.

Finally, the board approved a minor revision of the 2019-20 school calendar affecting when teachers arrive for the 2020 summer school program.

Among the changes discussed were the following:

There will be no school July 3. The first day for new summer school teachers will be June 18. Returning and new summer school teachers will all be required to be present as of June 19, and the first day for summer school students will be June 22.

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