EDGERTON — The Rock-Koshkonong Lake District (RKLD) is seeking bids on hiring a design engineer to investigate and create a supplemental gated spillway at the Indianford Dam, and provide a construction timeline for the project.

A request for proposals document, created by engineer Rob Montgomery of MARS-EOR, was approved when the RKLD Board of Commissioners met Oct. 17 at Edgerton City Hall.

Montgomery was hired to draft the document during the board’s Sept. 19 meeting in Albion. RKLD Treasurer Mark Meyer identified $3,000 in the approved 2019 budget that could be used to pay for drafting the document. The actual cost was $605.

The bidding process opened on Monday, Oct. 21, and will close on Nov. 18.

The scope of work to be completed by a design engineer is outlined within the document in three phases, including:

• Phase 1: Field investigation, analysis and schematic design of alternatives and costs to be presented to the RKLD board.

• Phase 2: Preparation of design drawings and a design report to be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for approval under applicable state statutes and to apply for DNR municipal dam rehabilitation grant funding for the project.

• Phase 3: Completion of construction-grade drawing and specifications, along with project cost estimates, as well as conducting a competitive bidding process, evaluating the bids, and recommending a bid for award, and periodic observation of the construction and construction management.

The board also approved hiring Montgomery to serve as an administrative agent, providing such services as answering questions brought by design engineers as they engage in the bidding process, and then working with the board’s Dam Committee to select bids for presentation to the full RKLD board after the process closes.

During discussion, commissioners debated the value of placing a cap on the number of hours that Montgomery might serve in his role as administrative agent. Noting Montgomery’s hourly rate of $175, they discussed setting a cap at $5,000 or $10,000.

Meyer suggested using the remaining $2,395 from the original $3,000 earmarked for expenses associated with creating the request for proposals as a cap.

However, the board subsequently approved hiring Montgomery as an agent without a cap.

Commissioner Jim Bowers suggested that the board might allow the Dam Committee, with oversight from Montgomery, to make the decision about which design engineer to hire.

“I think the Dam Committee has to report to the board. The general question needs to come back here,” said Sweeney.

Commissioners also discussed project scheduling as it related to a timeline set by a DNR grant-application process.

Commissioner Mike Shumaker said applications for a DNR-sponsored dam rehabilitation grant were due by Feb. 28, 2020, with grant money awarded on June 8, 2020.

According to Shumaker, DNR Dam Safety Specialist and Water Management Engineer Rob Davis said there was a 95-percent chance that the RKLD could qualify for a DNR grant.

Applying for applicable grants is outlined within the scope of work to be performed by the selected design engineer, commissioners concluded.

Further discussion revolved around RKLD funds that might be used for the project.

According to Shumaker, hydrotechnician and Wild Rose Machine Shop LLC owner Chris Cutts, who has helped the district with dam operations in the past and recommended the installation of a Tainter gate within the proposed spillway, estimated the cost of the project at $300,000.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of holding a special meeting of the lake district electorate after design engineering bids were received to gain approval to identify and allocate funds.

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