Fort Atkinson has been the target of criminal activity during the past week, including two muggings and two burglaries.

Last weekend, there were two incidents of men being mugged while walking home alone after bar time, according to Fort Atkinson Police Department Capt. Todd Schulz.

The first occurred Sunday, July 28, at 3:21 a.m. west of the Belmont Casino tavern on West Sherman Avenue.

Two male adults asked the victim where his money was, and then assaulted him, Schulz said.

The second incident took place later that same night in the area of Madison Avenue and Cloute Street, according to Schulz. Again, two male adults assaulted the victim and took his wallet.

Schulz said that the police think the suspects might have taken photos or videos of the crime. While these photos or videos have not popped up on social media yet, he said, officers are looking out for them.

Schulz said that anyone who has any knowledge of or witnessed the crime, or sees the videos online, should come forward.

“This is very concerning,” Schulz said. “We would like to solve this; it’s something we take very seriously.”

Meanwhile, there were burglaries last week at Serenity Nail and Spa and World Finance, both at 825 Lexington Ave. on the city’s west side.

Schulz said cash was taken from each business, and World Finance also was missing a safe.

There was damage where the perpetrator(s) entered the buildings, the captain said. However, it was a much more sophisticated method of entry than simply breaking a window.

“These were both secure buildings,” Schulz said.

Also, Schulz dispelled rumors that had been circulating on social media about assaults taking place recently along the Glacial River County Trail and a widespread increase in vehicle break-ins.

Schulz said that if the police department had heard about assaults on the trail, it “would be taking active measures” to stop them, such as targeted patrols in certain areas.

However, he did say it is possible incidents are happening and people are posting on social media rather than reporting them to the police.

“Things go unreported,” Schulz said. “If something happens, report it to us, not on Facebook.”

As for the thefts from area cars, Schulz confirmed one break-in last weekend to a car that had been left unlocked.

He encouraged residents to lock their vehicles when not in use.

For any information about these crimes, Schulz said to call the Fort Atkinson Police Department at (920) 563-7777.

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