Blinded by the light?

Editor, Daily Union: This is in reference to the Jan. 27th "letter to the editor" by Mike Smith, denouncing a previous letter written by John Newman.

Once again, another far-right fundamentalist who goes on with his "self-honored righteous" opinions, expressed with nothing but non-factual content. What you say, Mike, doesn't mean squat as far as factual content. You try to be so smooth and slick with your writing, using a few words that I actually looked up because I wanted to know their precise meaning.

You talk about how it is not good for John N. to hang on to his anger. That's true, Mike, but it's a darn good emotion and a natural one, to get one involved in doing better things. Have you heard the phrase, "If you aren't angry, then you aren't paying attention"?

You condemn the Daily Union for posting such hatred. I applaud them for their open-mindedness and fairness. After all, they did print your letter, Mike.

And, why would Mr. Newman possibly want to come to you for your prayers? Do you think God is more open to hearing and answer yours, you who seem to put your level of closeness with Hhim higher than others?

And finally, Mike, you say that "America is a shining city on a hill." I say, "I think that you're being blinded by all of that light." — Sincerely, Robert Heussner, Fort Atkinson.

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