Bring it on, Dems!

Editor, Daily Union: Once again, the Democrats have exceeded their unbelievable mistreatment of our president. They have voted to take impeachment to the House floor and then Senate for a possible trial.

This is what Nancy Pelosi and friends have been trying to do since President Trump took office. (This was stated by Pelosi just this week.) After the cruel, childish hearings of now Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, it looks likely that if this impeachment fails, these fools will do this over and over again until Mr. Trump is removed from office.

Some Senate Republicans are considering no witnesses and vote immediately to acquit. While I agree this would be quick, who would be held accountable? I feel Republicans would once again allow the Democrats from being held fully responsible.

I'm saying let's get this entire scheme of impeachment out. The Republicans finally would be allowed to call their own witnesses, thus allowing the truth to finally come out. A full-blown trial would finally expose their wrong, headed schemes to bring down a legally elected U.S. President. This process would take some time, but would finally reveal the much needed truth.

I'm not at all concerned with any witness the Republicans want called. How about you Democrats? I bet the Democrats would scream, yell, jump up and down and throw things trying to stop any number of our witnesses.

Let's hear from C. Steele, L. Page, A. Mccabe, N. Ohr, A. Schiff, The Whistle Blower, J. Comey, J. Brennan, J. Clapper, B. Ohr, H. Biden, P. Strzok, A. Vindman, D. Hale, A. Chalupa, T. Morrison, G. Kent, H. Clinton, B. Taylor, G. Sondland, D. Holmes, D. Archer, R. Giuliani, G. Papadopoulas, N. Mulvaney, J. Baker or any others needed.

So, bring it on, Dems. The American people deserve to be shown how corrupt your party has become. You need to be held accountable. The Republicans are furious and standing as one. Enough! — Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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