Civility, please

Editor, Daily Union: I am fed up with the extreme partisanship by both Republicans and Democrats at both the state and federal levels. It seems each side believes the other one cannot possibly be right. Our elected representatives on both sides need to act like adults not squabbling kids. These attitudes do not help move our state forward or make our country great.

I do not approve of Governor Evers’ choice of words, but when many of his choices for state agencies have yet to be confirmed a year after he was elected, small wonder he is frustrated. It seems to be that the leaders in the Assembly and Senate only will act as long as Gov. Evers does things their way.

When Governor Walker was first elected, Republicans told stubborn Democrats “Walker won, get over it and find ways to work with us.” Now that the duly elected fovernor is a Democrat and Democrats say “get over it," the Republicans are doing everything possible to thwart the will of the electorate.

Our elected representatives need to remember that all citizens of Wisconsin are their constituents. Whatever legislation is or isn’t passed affects the entire state, not just the voters in each legislative district. Same is true for Congress.

The media could and should do much more to tamp down the extreme partisanship now on display at both the state and federal levels in the way news is presented, starting with the way reporting is done on the state and federal Supreme Courts. In reporting, often the president or governor who appointed a particular judge is usually mentioned, thereby implying that the judge leans toward that person’s ideology; yet, the Supreme Courts are supposed to be impartial!

It would be better to state the year that person was appointed or re-elected (if state Supreme Court) and allow the viewer or reader to figure out a judge’s views. The media could do a much better job of reporting where bipartisanship is happening rather than focusing almost exclusively on divisiveness. — Margaret Krolikowski, Jefferson.

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