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Editor, Daily Union: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Some statement, hey?

Man has made so many laws, you can fill a barn with them. Local laws, county laws, state laws, federal laws. Now how can anyone know all these laws? Impossible and impeccable.

Now compare the father’s laws: 10 the same number of fingers on both your hands. Exodus 20: 3-17 is very easy to learn and only 10. This can be cut down to two: Matthew 22: 37-39. Wow, two great commandments to learn.

God’s laws are so very easy to learn; the two in Matthew cover all 10 in Exodus. But remember this, as the father has told us, “You break one of any 10 or the two, you broke them all.”

Here at the American Legion, we encourage all to remember the father and his son. Take time to talk with him; he is a great listener, he will never leave you nor forsake you. He knows you better than you know yourself; take time from your too busy lives ... one hour, one minute, and tell him how you feel.

Go to a church of your choice if you want, or go off by yourself and take a drive. Talk with him; you don’t have to be a showoff. In fact, the father would prefer just you and him, one on one. It will do you good. I know, been there and still am doing it.

Go to him, go to church, sit in the first pew, whatever it takes to get back to him. In school, sit still in your seat, close your eyes if you’d like, talk to the father yourself. No one can hear you, just you and the father. Don’t worry if someone asks what you are doing; it’s none of their concern, but maybe they will get the drift.

So, ignorance of the law, the father has told us in short, if you don’t know the law, how can you sin? But when you learn the law, now you know better. Take time to find God in your life, it’s well worth the effort. May God be with you. — Roger Faultersack, chaplain, Paul Frank Florine Post 166 of the American Legion, Fort Atkinson.

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