Fitzgerald thwarted democracy with his actions

After the insurrection last Wednesday, our own State Sen. Steve Nass sent out a statement condemning the “violence and mob actions” committed at the U.S. Capitol. What was missing from his statement was a clear rebuke of President Trump’s clear incitement of this insurrection. I find this lapse appalling.

I find it also appalling that Sen. Ron Johnson and newly elected Rep. Scott Fitzgerald are so willing to throw away our democracy. During the official congressional acceptance of the state electoral vote, they both objected to the certification of the Arizona electors. And after the riots were quelled, Fitzgerald continued with objecting to the Pennsylvania electors. This means that they are willing to nullify, to throw out the legitimate votes of all voters from these states in order to throw the election to their Donald Trump.

David Frum has written “If conservatives become convinced they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will abandon democracy.” This has been shown once again by these recent actions of our right-wing fringe extremist legislators. What I find really troubling is that, knowing what kind of people these extremists are, the majority of people still elected them. For his entire career, the power-hungry Scott Fitzgerald has endeavored to thwart democracy at every turn, from his extreme gerrymandering of 2011 to his consistent attacks on the right to vote, to his recent attempts to throw out legitimate votes. I certainly hope that people would remember this when these guys come up for reelection.


Randy G Golz

Fort Atkinson

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