Forever thought

Editor, Daily Union: We must not judge people. Israel was God's chosen people. Some say I cannot accept people who don't believe in God, or people who think God and Jesus are the same person.

I ask why not? I put my faith in God and know he rules all. We have, until our final breath of life, time to make any changes we feel are necessary. Don't judge people because they look and think different than us. We need all points of view to make informed decisions.

I know things can get tough, especially when you're poor, sick or feeling unloved. But remember a baby is God's greatest miracle; that's you still (after) you are all grown up. He didn't make a mistake when you were born.

Free your mind of hate, then there is only room for love. Don't judge each other. — Love to you and yours, Beverly Schlee, Fort Atkinson.

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