Hamilton and Jefferson

Editor, Daily Union: Hamilton. Jefferson. Two giants who shaped our Republic.

Alexander Hamilton grew up poor, but there was wealth in his background and he related to the wealthy. He believed that wealthy people are superior people. He was a brave leader during the Revolutionary War, but his dream was to replace the British king with an American king.

He devised our monetary system in order to help the rich retain their wealth while keeping ordinary citizens in debt. He made the system that paved the way for such people as the Koch Brothers to accumulate wealth and power. He structured a tax policy that assists the large corporations while pinching the middle class.

Thomas Jefferson was born to wealth, and it shows in some of his choices. However, he put into writing a most powerful message of equality and justice for all, an idea that we still reach for today. His vision of America was pastoral. He saw a nation of small farms and local businesses; a nation of educated people who understood freedom and how valuable it is and how difficult it is to keep. I hope that the words he left for us will live on for as long as our nation exists.

So why is it that today a play that is sweeping the nation is one where Hamilton is a hero and Jefferson is a buffoon?

Go figure. — Jean Brooks, Fort Atkinson.

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