Ignorant frog?

Editor, Daily Union: I'll keep this short, even though I could write a long while trying to explain to non-Trumpsters what we supporters know takes place at work or anywhere adults gather (even church, sadly).

The rudeness and just plain hatred thrown our way gives us a reason to not publicly show or express our support. As a Trump supporter, I was a frog a few days ago and today I'm told I'm ignorant. So add these insults to the list.

If you're bored by my comments, as one writer wrote, do what I do. See who wrote the letter and don't read it. Hey ... this works; I do it all the time.

Today was not the case, as I read all of today's comments. When I read the comments of Donna from Helenville, she helped me better understand what a wonderful president we have. Thank you, Donna; you made my day, especially after being informed I was ignorant by Bob H.

To Bev from Fort, thank you for reminding all of the Trumpsters and those who seem to hate us that we should not judge others whom we disagree with. You, as well, helped me better understand how to respond to being told I was ignorant. So I guess now I'm an ignorant frog? Ha!

Next we learn that President Trump is responsible for a fool throwing acid on the face of an immigrant. Will these ridiculous accusations ever stop? You people have lost all credibility. Crying "wolf" at every turn is really getting old. No one is listening anymore. Those of us in "flyover country" will see to it again that your efforts will again be in vain. This will be fun to watch.

But, it continues. John from Fort wants to dispute my findings on the exceptional accomplishments of President Trump during the nonstop impeachment efforts by a bunch of sore losers, starting the day he took office. Must be because I'm ignorant, uh? Today, perhaps those who claim they're sane, may think to themselves, "hey, maybe just maybe, he's not the only ignorant one here?"

Despite all, my resolve has not weakened; in fact, it has grown. Our president will be re-elected and will continue working for all Americans, even those who continue crying foul. This is, of course, my opinion, if ignorant frogs can still have one. — Signed, the "Ignorant Frog," better known as Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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