For 149 years, the Daily Union has been informing and educating readers about what’s happening in the Jefferson County area.

Not only do we keep folks in the know about events in their neighborhoods and surrounding communities, but we also serve as a governmental watchdog. Both are roles we take very seriously.

Yet another is taking a closer look at larger issues affecting all of us. During the past year, for example, reporters have written in-depth stories on topics ranging from opioid use and student vaccinations to the Warriors & Wizards Festival’s money woes. Today, we are presenting a series on homeless students in Jefferson County.

The Daily Union’s news and sports staff is recognized annually with statewide awards for its writing, photography, interpretive coverage and special sections. Our reporters and editors are hardworking and very dedicated to putting out the best product possible five days a week.

However, it costs money to create quality, award-winning community journalism.

That is why, starting Oct. 1, the Daily Union is moving to a subscription-based model for our online content, just as we always have had for print.

Current print subscribers now will receive total access to our digital products at no extra charge. That includes our expanded website — now with letters to the editor, police logs and a lot more local stories — and an electronic replica of the print newspaper (e-edition) that you can download and read on the go, even when you’re out of town. Paid subscribers simply need to register their username and password.

Readers who live or are traveling outside our regular distribution area or just prefer to read the news online or on their phone may subscribe to digital-only access (website and e-edition) for just $10 per month … 33 cents a day. And that’s for the entire household.

Throughout September, people who register on our website at are able to read its content for free. On Oct. 1, they then may sign up to subscribe. If you have any difficulties, just give us a call at (920) 563-5553.

The internet and social media have added new ways for newspapers to disseminate the news, although that’s not been without some growing pains. We have, and continue to, adjust. However, the result is we no longer can afford to give our local content away for free.

We believe our product has value, one that our print subscribers have been supporting since William Dempster Hoard founded this newspaper in 1870.

The industry is far different today than it was when this editor arrived at the Daily Union four decades ago. Yet the newspaper’s role in the county is more important than ever.

Please join us as we continue to navigate the choppy, albeit exciting, waters of change.

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