Show Panther pride

Editor, Daily Union: As a proud supporter of Palmyra-Eagle Area School District, I was in attendance for the very emotional and heartbreaking July 1st school board meeting that voted in favor of proceeding with dissolution of the district.

I have been asked many times, since the referendum failed, where I would be sending my two children for the 2019-20 school year. I answered every time, without hesitation, Palmyra-Eagle Area School District would once again be the school of choice for our family! While some have felt now is the time to move on and opt toward open-enrolling in another district, I feel even more strongly that now is the time to stay — both for the benefit of my children and the benefit of the other children who are also staying.

If this truly is the last year of PEASD, I want to take full advantage of the many opportunities still available here. For our family, I see this as another year of very personal, individual attention from a school that:

a) My children are comfortable with and truly enjoy being a part of.

b) Is a school closest to home.

c) Has teachers and staff that know my children well and all of their history, strengths and weaknesses.

d) Has teachers spending time with kids on evenings/weekends /vacations — further building bonds, trust, and an appreciation for learning and a respect and admiration for their teachers,

e) One more year of opportunities for children to have active roles in any and all extracurricular and athletic activities (versus sitting on the sidelines in a district where there are more students with interest than there are positions or roles to actively fill).

f) Opportunities for our children to forge even closer relationships with their remaining peers /friends this year — which will help in any transitions they may have to take into another district in the future. Transferring into a new place as a larger group together, will certainly be easier than going in solo to a district and environment that may be less than ideal for the students.

g) Showing continued support for the district throughout the dissolution process is important, not just to enable the Department of Instruction and School District Boundary Appeal Board to truly understand the culture and value of our district and its importance to our community, but to also convey to neighboring districts our community does value our rural education, we do support our schools, and we work hard to make sure our kids get everything they deserve. While I believe our students, staff, and parents would be an asset to any district, we belong in Palmyra!

Lastly, our kids need us to be strong role models. I encourage everyone to proudly display their Panther Pride and keep on supporting our district and its incredible kids. The eyes of Wisconsin are upon us. Let’s cover the community in Panther purple, show our Panther Pride, and work together to give our kids some amazing experiences this year! — Tara LeRoy, Palmyra.

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