Ban research puppy mills

Editor, Daily Union: I am writing this letter as a plea for any concerned citizens to join me in a ban on research puppy mills in Jefferson County.

It all started for me while I was watching a Madison news station a few weeks ago. They were reporting on a puppy mill that wanted to breed Beagles for research. I could not believe that this was happening in 2019 right in Wisconsin. I had my head in the sand and thought this was over and we were more advanced in terms of animal cruelty.

Dane4dogs is an organization in Madison that is trying to put a stop to the Spring Green research puppy mill and I beg anyone that loves dogs and has a pet in their home to join in this fight. So this is a start for me to bring awareness to my area and to ask people to dig into this. Join in to help the dogs that are not allowed out of a cage ever and do not get outside or even have a window to look out of. Educate yourself, buy products that are not tested on animals and stop this now. Thank you for listening.

In closing I want to applaud the younger generation that I see having a birthday party and asking for donations of items for the Humane Society of Jefferson County instead of gifts for themselves. This is the future I look forward to, caring for the animals instead of being inhumane in the name of science. — Carol Buth, Sullivan.

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