July 4th sideshow

Editor, Daily Union: The U.S. military always has existed for the utility of democracy that provides freedom. U.S. citizens celebrating the military on July 4th is a well-deserved honorific for those that sacrificed the ability to live their lives in the way in which those they served did ... on a daily, weekly, yearly basis.

Our U.S. military for all our country’s years has provided the security that supports our abundance and continued ability to thrive.

I am appalled that the members of our military were ordered to provide a sideshow at the behest of the president for his singular aggrandizement, and not as it should have been: to recognize their "historical" sacrifice and to honor them explicitly.

Our president is yet, and even more so now, an embarrassment to the citizens of our United States of America. — Nancy Emons, Town of Jefferson.

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