Jefferson library true gem

Editor, Daily Union: There is a true gem in Jefferson to visit and explore. It is the Jefferson Public Library.

We can visit online (; Facebook) or in person (321 S. Main St).

Multiple resources are available online at the library website. For example, if you need information about a stock or mutual fund, you can link to Morningstar Investment Research Center; if you are trying to decide the better compact SUV to buy, you can link to Consumer Reports; if you need guidance in writing a successful resume, you can link to Cypress Resume; if you are preparing to take the SAT/ACT or trying to work on your personal finances and think engaging in an interactive, instructor-led online course could help; then you can link to Gale Courses.

These are only a few of the resources available to us. We can browse the catalog for books, read various magazines, consult bestseller booklists and reviews; and more. We can explore Jefferson Public Library in person. It is a friendly space. Comfortable chairs and desks offer a place to read the numerous newspapers and magazines; scan our devices (WiFi provided); or study. We can browse the books and DVDs or use the PCs. If you are interested in genealogy, you can use the library PCs to link to Ancestry Library Edition.

If you’d like a recommendation or need help, a librarian is close by to ask. You can make an appointment with a librarian and receive help with your tech skills and devices.We can engage with others in our community by participating in book discussions. There are storytelling and craft activities, workshops and more for kids. There is much, much more for all of us, if we would just visit and explore.

We are lucky to have Jefferson Public Library. We hope you continue to or begin to regularly visit. Your visits will help to keep the library strong. If you would like to do more to support Jefferson Public Library, you can join Friends of the Jefferson Public Library as an individual, a family or a business.

Thank you to all the members and businesses who support the Friends of Jefferson Public Library fundraisers which recently were able to purchase five ADA-compliant computer stations and chairs as well as four portable display panels. Membership in the Friends organization is open to all and information can be found at the library. — Bob DeWolfe, president, Friends of the Jefferson Public Library, Jefferson.

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