Forgive those who trust what we’ve observed

I’ve never been big on conspiracies. As a conservative I certainly wasn’t thrilled with Obama’s victories. Nonetheless, my guy lost and I took my lumps. Sorry Dave Tuten, but this one was different in more ways than 500 words allow, without even getting into possible foreign interference.

As the election neared, many voiced concerns over the multitude of last-minute rule changes, all of which made it easier to vote without authenticating your identity. As expected, those who fight any attempt to make cheating more difficult under the guise of “disenfranchising voters” saw COVID as the perfect vehicle to step up their efforts.

Then came election night when the count in several close states abruptly ceased with over 80% of the votes in and the President slightly ahead. I woke up at 2 a.m. and, surprise, every one shifted from red to blue. One need not be a conspiracy nut to have suspicions aroused. I couldn’t help but question why, when every state allowed mail-in votes, did the counting stop only in those where the race was extremely close?

As time passed I heard testimony backed with cell phone footage from the states in question of Republican inspectors not being allowed access; a violation of the law only done by those with something to hide. I watched sworn testimony before state legislatures of witnesses reporting behavior never observed during previous elections they’d worked.

Numbers analysts attested to the-off-the charts statistical improbability of the surges for Biden during the wee hours. There’s the security footage from State Farm Arena following the “water main break” (toilet leak) where everyone had to evacuate, except those that didn’t. To anyone paying attention, it was as though they didn’t even try to hide it. But everything is explained away….

“The cases were tossed in over 50 courts.” None of these legal teams were even allowed to present for one procedural reason or another. Not one of them were competent enough to prepare their respective cases for court? Sorry, but I ain’t buyin’ it.

We’re told Georgia was audited several times, but those specifying the lack of rigor and legitimacy of said audits and questioning why so few of the validation documents have been shared are dismissed along with anyone else questioning this election. Apparently, all these witnesses and experts are willing to put their reputations and careers on the line to further this lie. OK.

The same side that’s telling us we’re full of it was also telling us we had a summer of “largely peaceful protests.” These are people that were outraged at the events at the Capitol last month, blaming it on the rhetoric of the outgoing President while cheering rioters destroying sections of our cities and even posting their bail! These are the same people that continued to express concern over Trump’s “unwillingness to denounce white supremacy” despite several taped interviews in which he’d done exactly that.

So, forgive those of us who trust what we’ve observed rather than what your side tells us.

Steve Armin,

Fort Atkinson

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