Palmyra scores well in the county on state report cards

I read with interest the Department of Public Instruction report cards for Jefferson County Schools. As far as I know, Palmyra still is in Jefferson County but you failed to include our grade.

Overall the district scored 70.7 which is on par with or better than those other districts listed which included Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Watertown, Lake Mills, Waterloo and Johnson Creek. Our high school score was 77. Not too long ago we were fighting to maintain and improve our school district.

Every school has room for improvement. We should be appreciative of all the efforts made by students, teachers, administrations, school boards, supportive staff and parents with all they have had to deal with in the age of COVID as well as declining state aid.

I am not a teacher and have no one attending school. When you publish countywide report cards, make sure you know the boundaries of the county.....there is more to it than Fort and Jefferson.

Delores Burrington,


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