Shame on Congressman Fitzgerald

Shame on newly elected U.S. Congressman Scott Fitzgerald of Wisconsin for voting against certifying the Electoral College in Arizona and Pennsylvania, even after Congress itself was attacked by a violent mob inspired by a fool’s errand.

Rep Fitzgerald could have joined with colleagues, like fellow GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman, who stated, “To go down the incredibly dangerous path of saying the U.S. Congress can change the results that states themselves wanted…that would change American history.”

Our nation relies on elected officials standing up for the rule of law, even at the expense of party loyalty or personal gain. Thankfully, despite the terrible charade we witnessed by some in Congress this week, the Presidential (and Congressional) election results remain securely in the hands of the voters and state election officials, where they belong.

As for Fitzgerald, let’s hope the graveness of this week in Washington marks the end of his blind fealty and the start of his devotion to the American people, as his oath promised.


Leslie DeMuth,

Lake Mills

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