Wisconsin embarrassment!

Senator Johnson, and newly elected Wisconsin State Representatives Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany embarrassed our state this past week. Because of the rioting last Wednesday, Johnson begged off objecting to the Arizona certification vote as he originally planned. Fitzgerald and Tiffany, even after the death of five people and the property destruction and vandalism, went through with their objection votes.

A lot has been written about objections to the Electoral vote in three other presidential elections since 2000. So both parties have been involved in such shenanigans in rejecting state certified final voting results. In doing so in this election, Johnson, Fitzgerald and Tiffany tried to eliminate your vote because it did not match up with who they wanted for President and Vice President. Think about that the next time they are on the ballot.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. James Fitzpatrick,

Fort Atkinson

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