Fort Class of 2019 generous

Editor, Daily Union:  When graduation rolled around in early June, the Fort Atkinson community celebrated another class’ achievement. Many people wished the students off into the next chapter of their lives thinking they may never return to the town.

What many people do not understand, is that the graduated class still had one job left. Once graduation was paid for and there was nothing left to pay off for the class, the class officers had the responsibility of deciding what should happen to the money still left in their class account.

Over the years, classes have donated signs to the school, donated to local organizations, saved for their first class reunion, etc. Many times, these gifts of generosity go unnoticed by not only the class body, but also the community that is being affected. Although the Class of 2019 is not the first to give back to the Fort Atkinson community, we bring into focus what this class has done.

After four years of planning dances, selling T-shirts, and conducting many other fundraisers, the Class of 2019 had a well-deserved amount of money in their account. After paying for homecoming, their class trip to Six Flags-Great America, and their graduation ceremony, there was a surplus of money. The class quickly turned to the community. After conducting several class votes and officer meetings, the class decided to donate the remaining money to different organizations throughout Fort Atkinson. The class had approximately $2,250 to work with.

The class decided to focus on five great organizations which include: Paddy’s Paws, Fort Atkinson Food Pantry, Fort Atkinson Police Department, Fort Atkinson Fire Department and Fort Family Connections. In addition to these monetary donations, the class will be donating a plaque in the shape of a soccer ball in memory of their fellow classmate who passed away in 2017. Engraved on it will read the words “Live to the Max” along with the name of the student and the dates. This plaque will be hung outside on the concession stand building at the high school.

I am very proud to represent the Class of 2019. This class is full of genuinely good people. What is more inspiring is that we can come together, even post-graduation, to help give back to a community that gave so much to us over the years.

On behalf of the Class of 2019, thank you to everyone in the community who has contributed to our success throughout our time here in Fort Atkinson. — Kate England, Fort Atkinson High School Class of 2019 president.

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