Frogs For Trump!

I have heard it said that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out, but if you drop that same frog into a pot of cool water and slowly heat the water to boiling, the frog will not react until it’s too late.

I fear the same thing might have happened to some Trump supporters, although I would argue that the water they jumped into was at least warm.

Trump promised to pass health-care legislation that would cover everyone and be better and cheaper than Obamacare; he would bring jobs back to the U.S., and specifically to the Rust Belt; he would only have the best people working for him; and my personal favorite, he would “Drain The Swamp!” We would win so much we’d get tired of winning! People believed him; hence, many frogs in the electoral pot.

I was uncomfortable when Trump name-called and bullied his debate opponents, and mind-boggled when he mocked a handicapped reporter (behavior that I spent 40 years as a public school teacher trying to discourage in young children!), but he certainly lost my vote and respect when he laughingly boasted of kissing and groping women, behavior that he could “get away with” because he was rich and famous.

But now we are witnessing much more dangerous behavior. His pullout from the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran Nuclear Pact; his abrupt exit from Syria, leaving our Kurdish allies and hastily-abandoned U.S. military bases vulnerable to the Turks and Russians; and his attempt to withhold military aid appropriated by Congress (taxpayer money) in an effort to boost his own personal interests.

In the Midwest, we are an agriculture-based economy. Has this administration worked to promote the health of agriculture? Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcies.

Please keep an open mind, Trump supporters. Look at his escalating behaviors and rhetoric with a neutral eye. Would four more years of his leadership leave your children and grandchildren a safe and prosperous world? — Jim Marousis, Fort Atkinson.

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