He duped the masses

Trump has never been elected president. He lost the majority vote in 2016 but by an unfortunate quirk of our archaic Electoral College, he took office. Amid peaceful protests.

How ironic that he is claiming fraud now. There was never any legal question that the 2020 Presidential Election was fair and valid, but Trump was already making false claims of fraud in September when it was clear he was going to lose. He duped supporters into paying millions for recounts, some of whom now are suing him to get their money back.

He incited insurrection, duping followers who now are in jail. The President, trying to destroy the democracy of his own country? Trump is the one who should be behind bars.

If you are a Republican, now is the time to find a decent person to lead your party. If you are so bone-deep mean that you still identify with a lying thug, then please — use your concept of “personal freedom” to walk out onto thin ice where prohibited, hurting only yourself. In public, wear a mask. Do not kill my best friend who just suffered through a year of chemo because you are too selfish to endure a minor inconvenience.

Trump is a dangerous egomaniac who does not care about anyone or anything but himself. Certainly not this country. Certainly not you.

Beth Gore,

Fort Atkinson

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