Critical Race Theory imperils our nation

With Memorial Day behind us and the Fourth of July soon to be celebrated, it is a wonderful time of year to muse upon the freedoms, opportunities, and blessings of the wonderful country we live in.

However, a great threat to those attributes now hovers over our nation and literally imperils all that our ancestors have fought for. That threat, known as Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is a political movement that has emerged from our elite universities in the 1990s and now is prevalent throughout higher academic institutions and our federal government and its agencies.

To be brief, CRT is a Marxist-inspired effort that preaches Systemic Racism with the purpose of dividing the country along the lines of race. This school of thought says that all whites, regardless of intention, are racist and oppressors of blacks and other minorities, and that reconciliation between the races is impossible. It is essentially racism on steroids in complete opposition to the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. Some of its easily recognizable manifestations are allusions to “white privilege” and “whiteness,” the rise of Black Lives Matter and the attempt to rewrite history with the 1619 Project, which depicts America’s founding and development to be based on slavery. Surely, controversial talk of reparations to descendants of slaves will follow. The historical and stated purpose of CRT is the downfall of the United States through internal division.

Predictably, the Biden administration is endorsing CRT and using its influence to establish indoctrination programs throughout federal agencies, the military and public-school systems. CRT underwrites the WOKE culture and, as such, is instrumental in the cancel culture, the squelching of free speech on college and university campuses, and the censorship campaigns of the mainstream media outlets and big tech.

It’s been said that “freedom can be lost in a single generation,” and that is precisely the blueprint being employed by the CRT movement as they attempt to move into the K-12 public school systems with Systemic Racism and 1619 Project initiatives.

It is time for the citizenry, parents with school-age children in particular, to push back against this menace. Question your children on what they’re being exposed to in class and especially in Social Studies. Attend school board meetings and pay close attention to candidates for school board positions. We need to keep CRT and its socialist/Marxist ideology out of our schools if we are to preserve the country we love.

Dan Hundt,

Lake Mills

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