Offer each side a polygraph test

Recently you ran an opinion column by Steve Roberts who teaches politics and journalism at George Washington University titled “Burying the Big Lie.” The Big Lie being Trump won the election.

Me, I’m an ex-con who can’t vote. I don’t support either party. I am open-minded enough to look at both sides and come to a logical conclusion.

The poll workers say everything was done correctly. Some poll watchers have brought some serious accusations against them. Which group is right?

I think most people would agree that one of these two groups is a dirty, filthy, stinker, lying, cheating, low-life scumbag. Which one is it?

Why not offer each side a polygraph test? Let’s offer each person $1,000 if they take the test and pass it. No one would be prosecuted if they fail the test. An honest person would welcome the chance to pick up an easy $1,000. However, a lying person most likely would refuse the test.

The Trump team would pay for the honest poll workers who take the test and pass it, plus the cost of the test. Democrats would pay for the honest accusers who pass the test and the cost of the test. All tests would have a Trump supporter and a Democrat supporter to oversee the tests.

This could bring a lot of political and emotional healing to America and save us millions of dollars. So which side do you think would be opposed to the polygraph test? The corrupt one.

Robert Muench,

Fort Atkinson

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