Walks the conservative walk

Anyone who has followed Don Pridemore’s career in the Wisconsin State Assembly knows that he doesn’t just talk the conservative talk, he walks the conservative walk.

Don Pridemore fights for conservative principles like smaller government, less taxes and less interference with personal freedom. He certainly is the only candidate in the race that was front and center taking on Gov. Evers and the draconian lockdowns. While Mr. Jagler was hiding under his desk, Don Pridemore was holding “Open Wisconsin” rallies across the district.

I’m supporting the guy who isn’t afraid to stand up to the swamp in Madison. It is clear only one candidate for the 13th State Senate District will say “no” to the establishment and “yes” to those he represents, and that candidate is Don Pridemore. Vote Done Pridemore on Feb. 16.

Kenneth Suckow Jr.,


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