Wearing masks shows how we care for others

Dear Senator Ron Johnson,

You made a statement this week supporting your feeling that people should rely on the body’s natural immunity, stating, “Why do we assume that the body’s natural immune system isn’t the marvel that it is? Why do we think we can create something better than God in terms of combating disease?”

You feel that we should allow ourselves to get infected with a dangerous contagion and then develop immunity to the virus. However, many people are trying this approach and are dying. Are you suggesting that people also should not take their heart medication, or blood pressure medication or insulin and use natural immunity to fight off these diseases?

I agree that God created us as amazing human beings. He also created us with amazing brains allowing people to find cures for diseases, and discover medications and vaccinations to allow us to have the healthy lives promised to us.

Since you referenced God, it states in Matthew 22:36-40 that we are to put God first, others second and ourselves last.

Therefore, we would see the value in wearing masks as this would show how we care for others and are NOT putting ourselves first.


Kathleen Townsend,

W7151 County Highway C,

Fort Atkinson

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