Light of truth will never be extinguished

Hypocrites get offended by the truth. — Jess C. Scott.

Why is it that every “patriot” who vomits here with the claim that Trump won by a “landslide” but the election was stolen has yet to provide even a scintilla of proof of said “steal? If the Republicans had such proof that the election was “stolen,” wouldn’t they have provided it by now instead of losing in Court 60 times with their evidence. Wouldn’t Fox News have devoted whole evenings to providing verified evidence of lists of dead voters, voters in prison or out of state or underaged voters? Wouldn’t protestations of a “stolen “election have just a bit more gravitas in terms of actual proof than what we see from our self-professed “patriots”? No, we get “every vote counts, but not every ballot counted equals a vote.”

I don’t think this will be a big revelation to anyone, but Trump voters know that Joe Biden won the election. But, their belief is that the win is a fraud because a larger share of Democratic votes were from Black voters and they shouldn’t count. You don’t think it a coincidence that cities with large black populations — Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Pittsburgh — were targeted as committing voter fraud? As Trump said on Nov. 5th without evidence, Detroit and Philadelphia — known as the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country — cannot be responsible for engineering the outcome of a Presidential race.”

Talk about music to a Trump supporter’s ears. It’s hard to sustain the myth that one is a “patriot” if one doesn’t accept election results only because your candidate didn’t win. What is a poor “patriot” to do? It’s especially hard when one’s compatriots are, rightfully so, accused of sedition with their attack on the lawmakers in our Capitol. Can you say, “Clean up on Aisle two?

Oh, the piety of Dennis Lange’s words. “The mere unwillingness to debate, the vindictiveness against anyone who disagrees, the attempt to silence dissent, the widespread suppression of truth, the unending propaganda and lies.” Gee, Dennis. Aren’t you describing Trump? Is Dennis’s hypocrisy lost on him?

Dennis opines, “What is it that makes one assume the consent of the people is earned by stealing an election?” Let me turn that around. What makes our Mr. Lange assume that the election was stolen just because he and the Donald said it was? What makes Mr. Lange assume he speaks for the majority of people? Some more sophistry from the voice of “the people.”

The light of truth will never be extinguished by tyrannical and hypocritical darkness surrounding us as a nation.” Composed by one who evidently wouldn’t know “Truth” if it bit him in the keister. Composed by one doing his damndest to extinguish said truth. After the events of Jan 6, in Washington, hiding my contempt for these fools is difficult, and I don’t see any point in trying.


Dave Tuten,

Fort Atkinson

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