Vote no on referendum

Editor, Daily Union: Thank you to the amazing community of Palmyra and the many supporters of the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District and its students. Our families and local businesses are amazing and you are all truly appreciated!

As a parent of two students in Palmyra schools, this year has been heartbreaking, and the thought of losing our beloved school district forever is truly devastating for the countless people whose lives this district has touched. I am proud of our community for standing up, standing together and continuing to show our kids and our schools we support them.

The problems our district faces will not magically disappear if the district is dissolved in January — the problems just get passed onto other districts and many of our kids likely will be facing these same situations all over again if change is not made to our current educational funding system. As such, schools, teachers, parents, legislators, and education advocates from around the state have been watching us closely as our little community is now a household name across the state.

We have received support from some of the largest public education and rural education advocates in the state. Our community has been praised for its strength, resiliency and commitment to our children in these difficult times. We could have hung our heads in shame and let others speak for us as they prepare to dismantle something precious, but we haven’t! Our kids could have given up, but they haven’t! The school year has just barely begun and already our kids are doing amazing things and continue to make us all proud! (The amazing homecoming night was truly a night to remember!) These are our kids; this is our community.

As citizens who chose this area to raise our families, we should not be chastised for wanting to decide what is best for our children or for believing what is best lies right in our local school district — a school system that has been the heart of Palmyra since 1896.

The upcoming Nov. 5th vote is the result of our community working together and accomplishing something that has not been done in our state before — giving our community an opportunity to be a voice on a ballot to show they support our school district and the ties it has to our community. Please vote "no" to dissolution of our district and prepare your oral or written testimony in support of it at the upcoming public hearings, contact legislators (even if they ignore or dismiss you like ours have done), offer ideas and real solutions to help save it, or help our kids directly through a donation to the 5013c Palmyra Community Foundation, “Friends of PEASD Student & Family Fund,” set up at First Citizens Bank in Palmyra.

The next school district, the next child who cries over the loss of their teachers, classmates and their schools could be yours! — Tara LeRoy, Palmyra.

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