No Trump on Rushmore

Editor, Daily Union: For Americans believing that Donald J. Trump is one of the omnipotent holy Trinity, capable of no wrongdoing, no amount of facts will dissuade their view.

For Americans believing Donald J. Trump is a charlatan, masquerading as a competent manager and operating as a MAGA force, more facts uncovered simply reinforce their negative view.

Resolving this dilemma is not just a matter of numbers or who has the most or loudest proclaimed views. These are not mutually equivalent views that balance each other out, for the knowledge that Trump is a fraud weighs heavily on the side of his detractors, for which evidence we need only consider what he has said or done.

Does the American public accept Trump’s debt escalation? (He said he would lower it.) His trade wars with Mexico and Canada? (North American Trade Agreement was unfair.) His separation of innocent children from their asylum-seeking parents at the border? (Criminals and rapists.) His denial of immigration status of certain classes of people? (Keep anyone different out.)

 His mismanagement of presidential power? (Impeachment.) Will the nation be safer under his foreign policies? (North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan.) Can Americans defend his nepotism? (Can anyone?) Is Trump in over his head in the job of president and has he been legitimately impeached for obstruction of justice and Congress and misuse of presidential power?

If any one of these are true, and they all are fact, I believe we can safely erase the name of Donald J. Trump from the list of those presidents eligible for placement on Mount Rushmore. — Sincerely, John Newhouse, Whitewater.

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