Palmyra-Eagle Strong!

Editor, Daily Union: Thank you to the incredible communities of Palmyra and Eagle! Thank you for supporting our children, families and schools during a most challenging year. Thank you to Palmyra village and chamber of commerce for proudly supporting Palmyra-Eagle School District — from the chamber recognizing PEASD as their “Shining Star” in January and hosting the “Outstanding Student” senior dinner (bringing local business owners and PEASD senior students together) to the Palmyra village president taking part in Spectrum News 1 Scholarship ceremony and presenting a special award to a deserving student.

Thank you to businesses like Lakeside BP for adding to community support and goodwill with implementation of the “Save for Kids” program,  donating proceeds of gas and store sales to a fund dedicated solely for the purpose of enhancing the educational experiences of PEASD students. (There’s a reason people now patiently line up to wait for Panther pumps 3 and 4. My heart swelled with pride when I heard my daughter excitedly tell a friend from another school about the “special gas station and gas pumps” her town now had “just for their kids”).

Thank you to Palmyra-Eagle FFA Alumni, T&D’s and everyone who donated, sponsored, or attended the annual FFA fundraiser in March. The event proceeds shattered prior records and earned over $12,000 for our FFA students! The teachers and students are eager for many new opportunities our district is now provided with this generous support!

Thank you to all who fill the bleachers for band, choir, dance and our student athletes — home and away — and who were there to proudly support and share the challenges and triumphs of the season.

Thank you to all who make being a part of our district a special experience — from the bus drivers and crossing guards, to the teachers who have served for decades and those who just came aboard this year. Every one of you is a vital piece to providing the best experiences for our children and you are all truly appreciated.

Thank you most of all to our Panther students; every single one of you is a special part of Panther Nation and a daily reminder of what matters most in life. I am so proud of your determination, your strength, your compassion for others and the appreciation you have shown. You have inspired and represented Panther Nation and our communities on a local, regional, statewide, and even national level this year. There is no doubt, the world could use more purple people like you and our community is blessed to have you.

Lastly, thank you to our families who continue to have faith and support our community as we are once again challenged — while dealing with COVID19. I am not surprised at the outpouring of support for local businesses, at the impressive efforts of our teachers, and the ability of families to suddenly adapt to a whole new daily routine. I am Panther proud and together we are P-E Strong! — Tara Leroy, Palmyra.

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