Replace Sen. Johnson

Editor, Daily Union: As Americans, we have lived through many climactic events in the past four generations: the accession of Adolf Hitler in Germany, invasion of Poland, attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II, first use of nuclear weapons in war, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam and Middle East wars, 9/11, never-ending war in Afghanistan and more.

We are now contending with a democratically elected president who is attempting to undermine the very foundations of this democratic society that permitted his election in the first instant. Donald Trump may be all of the negatives one can distinguish from his words and actions, but as a man without a moral compass and no firm convictions, he still is shrewd enough to know how to manipulate enough of the electorate to maintain his control.

Because Trump has set a very low bar for himself, the standard for others is similarly reduced, and his supporters have no compulsion to look to government for solutions to a faltering economy, crumbling infrastructure, international rejection or domestic discord. For Trump, the lie is as good as the truth if someone believes it.

One believing “everything Trump” is Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson. Now is the time to begin to hold his feet to the fire even though he will not be eligible for re-election until the next election cycle.

Johnson’s “interview” on Meet the Press Sunday is an excellent example of a Trump enabler; an interview that should enrage Wisconsin voters. We know Trump is xenophobic, racist, misogynist, a narcissistic bully and a committed liar; his own words and actions have proven this. Can Johnson refute any of these characteristics?

Trump also might be guilty of bank fraud, money laundering and tax fraud, but this has not been established firmly, yet.

Johnson, by his fealty to Trump rather than loyalty to the United States, should prove to Wisconsin voters that he is no longer fit for office. Concerted effort should be exerted to replace Johnson at the earliest opportunity. We need a representative, not a vassal. — Sincerely, John Newhouse, Whitewater.

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