The silence is deafening

Editor, Daily Union: The entire nation is engrossed with "Black lives matter."

Protests are taking place all over the nation. Mayors, governors and politicians are listening. Monuments are being taken down legally and illegally. Current and future police funding is being cut or changed all in the name of Black lives matter.

Confrontations between police and people of color are being scrutinized with body cameras, the media and our phones. The mayor is painting New York streets with their message. No police confrontations will be missed in the name of Black lives matter. The leaders sit back patting each other on their backs saying to each other, "We're really taking care of our youth."

I've watched, wondering "when ... when will the lives lost every weekend in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Houston and Milwaukee will be acted on?"

The silence is deafening. — Don Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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