Stop bullying on sewer

Editor, Daily Union: The folly continues as 600 residents of the Town of Sullivan, Sewer District #1, are forced to pay for a new Department of Natural Resources-mandated, $11.5 million sewer plant with no choice.

If that isn't bad enough, they can't seem to be able to afford individual meters. In other words, a family of one pays a 4.5-percent increase in their bill (every three months), just the same as a family of 10-plus.

The sewer committee that supposedly represents us shows hostility toward the very people being forced to pay for this, by either pounding a mallet or shutting down people who ask legitimate questions. This is no less than taxation without representation. I smell an $11.5 million fish.

Seventy-eight percent of the wells tested unfit for drinking due to runoff from an inadequate sewer plant. This means that while facing poverty, we are being poisoned, to boot. The sewer committee that we trusted to watch over our plant not only fell down on the job, they also withheld information for an undetermined length of time while we continued to get letters that the sewer bill would be increasing — nothing more — until it was impossible to keep concealed any longer.

For years, monies were collected illegally at a private residence and proper records were not kept. Please, is there a lawyer who would be willing to help this travesty in our community?

Adult bullies need to be stopped, just as do the smaller versions of the same on the playground. — June La Galbo, 37-year resident, Town of Sullivan.

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