Stop complaining about Trump

Editor, Daily Union; The Daily Union tonight is printing yet another Democrat crying, complaining, stomping up and down, throwing another temper tantrum wanting to point out error after error, wishing our president was never elected. Even wishing he be impeached. Knowing the Senate would never agree.

Well to those who can't accept reality, let me state once again that our president was elected fairly. President Trump will remain our president through 2020. Then, despite all the complaining, President Trump will be re-elected and will remain president through 2024.

We have heard your complaints. Sorry folks, get used to President Trump. He's more popular today than ever. Trouble is, you lefties won't allow us to express our support for fear of losing jobs or being ridiculed from those who tell us they believe in freedom of speech. Yes, you sure do as long as we say what you want us to say and agree with everything you think and do.

Keep up your temper tantrums. Continue complaining. You're not going to be very happy through the remainder of this first term and certainly not the next one of President Donald J. Trump. — Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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