Jefferson Proud!

Editor, Daily Union: On Thursday, Jan. 30, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner. Wow! The seats were filled with 230 supporters of Jefferson and a waiting list of 30 individuals who were not able to attend due to seating capacity being met. That is a really good problem to have!

That evening, our one-year, now veteran, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce leader Jen Pinnow shared with enthusiasm the growth of the chamber. The number of members is up, the advocacy of Jefferson was impressive, businesses are being added to our area of the county, and prosperity was evident. Jen’s energy generated a spirit of support for each other. Business, industry, government, and education are all interconnected and the synergy was strong. This was not only evident in Jen’s talk, but it was evident in data and in the talk among the 230 attendees.

Then Mayor Dale Oppermann took center stage as he shared insight into future development of the City of Jefferson. As he shared plans that are already set as well as plans that are in the works, the audience expressed exuberance in support and excitement. We listened intently to plans for residential, condominiums, rental units, business, and industry as the City of Jefferson embraces growth.

Additionally, Mayor Oppermann smiled as he shared plans for walking trails, riverwalks, revitalization of the downtown area and the showcasing of our historical downtown. As I looked across the audience of stakeholders, they were smiling with excitement.

To add an exclamation point, Neighbors at 13 East put on a meal that was spectacular. Whatever you did to prepare that beef … do it again! I will be back. In addition, the chicken, salmon, rice, veggie, and warm service were top of the line.

As the Ssuperintendent of the School District of Jefferson, I could not help but notice the connections in Jen’s talks to our PreK-12 grade education and the mutually beneficial importance we have in supporting each other.

Strong Schools Indeed = Strong Community!

Jefferson Proud! — Mark D. Rollefson, Ed.D., superintendent, School District of Jefferson.

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