The sky’s not falling

Editor, Daily Union: I’ve been thinking of this for some time.

The recent national student climate march has forced me to offer an opinion that I know won’t be very popular. Knowing this, I still feel offering students a choice to attend a protest on climate change (get out of class) versus remaining in class is a no-brainer. I’m certain that given the chance, I, too, would have attended such a march, no matter the topic.

Given the recent views expressed over and over, not only in school but also the super-hyper media, is it any wonder that children are fearful of the world coming to an end? Even with some foolish representatives (AOC) scaring them saying the end will come in 10 to 12 years ... My dear Lord, where do these people come from? Who made them experts? Why would any thinking adult believe such a silly uneducated statement?

Yes, the climate is changing, just as it has for eons. This will continue long after we are all gone. To alarm (scare) children to this degree, in my opinion, amounts to child abuse. (Yes, I said child abuse).

Let the children make their own determinations. Let them decide after they are adults. If their parents want to march, great, knock yourselves out, but leave your children where they belong: in school or enjoying their childhood at home. There’s plenty of time for them to grow up and join you at the next march. — Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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