Trash talk

Editor, Daily Union: Plastic waste pollution is a complex and growing problem that will only be resolved by close collaboration between community, business and government interests. This collaboration must begin at the grassroots level.

Local units of government in Wisconsin are tasked by laws and regulations to manage Municipal Solid Waste; however, a state law passed in 2015 restricts the authority of local government units to regulate reusable or single-use disposable containers, especially waste plastics.

AB 177, a bill to address the growing problem of plastic waste pollution, was introduced in the Wisconsin State Legislature and assigned to the Assembly Committee on Local Government, headed by Rep. Todd Novak, R-Dodgeville, on April 18, 2019. No progress has been made since.

To effectively address and manage plastic waste pollution will require manufacturers, businesses, governmental and consumer policy-makers to work together. We call on Rep. Novak to schedule a long-overdue hearing on AB 177 as soon as possible.

We also encourage members of the local community to attend our program, “Trash Talk,” at

6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21 in the Whitewater City Hall council chambers. — Sincerely, the League of Women Voters Whitewater Area Executive Team, Lisa Dawsey Smith, Ellen Penwell and Julia Ross.

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