Trump a danger

Editor, Daily Union: Supporters of the current president of the United States continue to ignore or excuse his rhetoric. His opponents continue to focus on the same issues — health care, immigration, the environment, voter suppression, important issues all — that come up in every election.

In the wake of the mass murder in El Paso in early August, the conservative columnist, Bret Stephens, addressed both sides in "Trump's Rhetoric and Conservative Denial," New York Times, Aug. 7).

"It's worth noting that the Walmart massacre is, as far as I know, the first large-scale anti-Hispanic terrorist attack in the United States in living memory. On current trend, it will surely not be the last or the worst. The language of infestation inevitably suggests the "solution" of extermination. As for the cliché that sensible people are supposed to take Trump seriously, but not literally, it looks like Patrick Crusius didn't get that memo.

"The main task for Democrats over the next 15 months won't be to convince America that they need yet another health-care reinvention, or that the economy is a mess, or that the system is rigged, or that the right response to Trump's immigration demagoguery is an open border.

"It's that the president is a disgrace to his office, an insult to our dignity, a threat to our union and a danger to our safety." — John H. Callan, Fort Atkinson.

Editor's note: This letter is being reprinted to indicate that the final three paragraphs were quotes from Bret Stephens and not writte by John Callan.

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