Trump is your man?

Editor, Daily Union: If you favor separating offspring from parents seeking asylum, Trump is your man. If you believe it is in the national interest to incarcerate minors in order to influence parents, Trump is your man/ If you want environmental protections lowered, Trump is your man.

Do you want to see our president laughed at when meeting with foreign leaders? Trump is your man. When you favor having incompetent advisors in the Cabinet, Trump is your man. While the president is commander-in-chief of the military, it is not his role to determine military discipline; if you think so, Trump is your man.

If you believe it is acceptable for the president to engage in nepotism, Trump is your man. If you think it’s OK for the president to add to his wealth by skimming money from the government, Trump is your man. If you agree the president should be "above the law," Trump is your man. Should a president encourage bribery as a way to achieve international goals? If so, your man is Trump.

If Trump, then, is not for you, there is a better choice.

It is no wonder at the number of nonfiction books being written and published by authors concerned about the vitality of our American democracy. From the ominous to the hilarious, authors have critiqued the Trump administration as a threat to the fragile existence of our American federation and a menace to government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Has President Donald Trump failed to abide his oath of office? Even though elected by the Electoral College in spite of a loss in the popular vote, the Constitution specifies impeachment as a remedy for wrongdoing in between elections.

Should Trump be subject to impeachment? Re-read paragraph one. — Sincerely, John Newhouse, Whitewater.

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