Trump trifecta

Editor, Daily Union: Campaign chant: “Who’s going to pay for it?”

Reality: Mexico refused to pay for the wall. After trying to declare a national emergency and failing, DJT is now attempting to take $3.6 billion from military budgeted construction projects to pay for the wall.

Upon closer inspection, many of those construction projects were planned for Europe to help NATO beef up their defenses against Russian aggression.

Campaign promise: Trade wars are “good, and easy to win!”

Reality: American consumers are paying for the tariffs, estimated at $1,000 per family. Trump as much as admitted this when he delayed some tariffs that would have “dampened” Christmas spending for American families.

Undertaken unilaterally without support from allies, no end in sight, volatile markets, soybean markets cultivated over years are now lost as China now looks to other trade partners to supply their needs, billions of taxpayer money paid out as support for Midwestern farmers. Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcies!

Campaign promise: Drain the swamp!

Reality: The latest in a series of cabinet and White House staff departures are under a cloud.

“Last summer, Scott Pruitt left his job heading the Environmental Protection Agency and within a few months had started consulting for coal magnate Joseph W. Craft III. Three weeks after leaving the Interior Department, energy counselor Vincent DeVito joined Cox Oil Offshore, which operates in the Gulf of Mexico, as its executive vice president and general counsel. Now, Joe Balash — who oversaw oil and gas drilling on federal lands before resigning from Interior on Friday — is joining a foreign oil company that is expanding operations on Alaska’s North Slope.” — The Washington Post.

My promise: To do everything I can to restore honesty and accountability to our government by making sure DJT is not re-elected! Stay informed and watch what he does, not what he says. — Jim Marousis, Fort Atkinson.

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