Who got it right?

Editor, Daily Union: Last May, I wrote a letter to the editor titled "Don's quiet no more." I made a few predictions, asking the readers to cut out my letter to see later who had figured out the most after the Mueller report findings.

I quote from that letter: "Mr. Comey ... Mr. Clapper ... Mr. Brennan ... Ms. Lynch and yes ... Mr. Obama, plus other assorted Dems will be the ones who colluded with Russia in an attempt to take down an elected president.""

I'm writing today, six months later, to inform doubtful readers that I saw a political cartoon today that shows seven adults (six men, one woman) looking at a full-page newspaper. All look very worried, with sweat rolling off their faces. In huge letters, the paper reads, "Barr Opens Criminal Investigation." Pictured from left to right are: McCabe ... Brennan ... Comey ... Clapper ... Strzok ... and Page. Standing behind is no other than Mr. Obama.

Wow, what a telling cartoon. Who knows what happens next? Anything is possible.

My final words in May read: "This will get uglier for all of us. The Dems will try to impeach, knowing the Senate will never agree. What a mess we have and you can blame the Ddems. They have no idea how to accept voting results."

My question to the Dems is: Should we now treat any possible Dem charged the way they have treated our president? Guilty, until proven innocent? I suggest the Dems read the Constitution. They'll find we Americans are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If American Dems agree, then why should a duly elected American president not expect the same?

All Americans need to ask yourselves: What country do you want to call home? — Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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