Roughly 90 years ago, the Jefferson County Union sponsored its first Fort Atkinson City Golf Championship and had 120 entrants competing in the tournament hosted at Hoard’s Koshkonong golf course.

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, the 90th iteration of the tournament will take place at Koshkonong Mounds Country Club sponsored by the Daily Jefferson County Union with 31 golfers in the Open Division and 16 golfers in the Senior Division.

Mason Kent, the defending medalist champion, and Pat Miller, the champion of the match-play portion of the tournament each of the last two seasons, will tee off at 8:20 a.m. A full list of participants and tee times can be found on B2.

The tournament proudly has been held each year since 1931, when the tournaments rules were determined at a noon luncheon at the Tavern. The Championship claims to be the longest-consecutive running-tournament in the state of Wisconsin. More on that later.

The original tournament started as a medalist format with players tallying their scores 18 holes at a time to shuffle their flights over three days.

The first week of the tournament was a “classifying” round to determine which flight golfers would settle into based on their total strokes in the medalist format.

From there, the golfers were sorted into match-play pairings — Sixteen golfers were in the championship flight and then golfers were sorted with eight golfers in each following flight.

In recent years, there have been fewer golfers competing in the tournament; but the format of having a championship round for match play with other golfers signing up to compete in other flights remains.

Back to that longest-running-tournament fact — The consecutive years streak includes several special summers, but here are two.

The first is in 1944 when the greens were so unfavorable in Koshkonong, the committee for the tournament determined the medalist play should be hosted in Cambridge at Lake Ripley Country Club. The course in Cambridge has served as a place for qualifying rounds over the years; but in 1944, players were permitted to decided whether they wanted to play the match-play golf in Cambridge or Koshkonong.

Initially, the board preferred to have golfers go to Cambridge, but the need to ration gas due to World War II led the committee to allowing players to play at Koshkonong in 1944 despite the condition of the greens.

Coincidentally, 1944 was the only year the medalist event had a tie between two golfers.

The second year that sticks out in regards to the consecutive-years streak is 2008 when rain kept the City Championship from being a two-day event. The championship was a one-day medalist event for only the second time since the tournament went to its two-day, 36-hole format in the early 1960s. The other time the tournament was interrupted was 1982 when Pete Strom won his second of nine titles.

Strom is sitting out this season after playing in the tournament for 42 years. He, along with tournament legend John Kammer Sr., are the only golfers in tournament history to win championships in three separate decades.

So, how will the 90th Championship be unique? What history will be made?

Well, in 90 years, they’ll be able to say the tournament wasn’t interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows what that will mean.

2020 tee times

Open Division

7 a.m. — David Schultz; Brad Kees; Eric Jacobson

7:10 a.m. — Greyson Wixom; Brian Kammer; Sam Majewski

7:20 a.m. — Bill Bare; Mike Lechman; Eric Wixom

7:30 a.m. — Eric Brown; Aaron Bruke; Nick Tanin

7:40 a.m. — Tom Patterson; Dave Crane; Bob Stange

7:50 a.m. — Scott Housley; Dan Roloff; Brayden Brown

8 a.m. — Brian Wethal; Joe Leibman; Luke Tessman

8:10 a.m. — Ben Anderson; Jim Majewski; Kevin Roberts

8:20 a.m. — Pat Miller; Sean Halverson; Mason Kent

8:30 a.m. — Herb Kimpel; Luke Waga; Kyle Schneider; Luke Ellingson

Senior Division

9 a.m. — Jerry Mooren; Greg Swinen; Fritz Weitendorf

9:10 a.m. — Harvey Taylor; Ed Birk; Dennis Rosenbaum

9:20 a.m. — Bill Roberts; Ken Anderson; Wayne Schultz

9:30 a.m. — Ron Vogel; Tom Becker; Dave Mack

9:40 a.m. — Larry Lee; John Wilmet; Denny Tessman; Ken Applegate

City Medalists

2019 Mason Kent

2018 Pat Miller

2017 David Nitardy

2016 Pat Miller

2015 Scott Schuett

2014 Evan Wartgow

2013 Evan Wartgow

2012 Sean Krause

2011 Evan Wartgow

2010 Jim Majewski

2009 Sean Krause

2008 David Schultz

2007 Jeff Rossing

2006 Pete Strom

2005 David Schultz

2004 Sean Halverson

2003 Pete Strom

2002 Pete Strom

2001 Joe Liebman

2000 Jim Majewski

1999 Jim Majewski

1998 Matthew Reel

1997 Jim Majewski

1996 Bill Roberts

1995 Pete Strom

1994 Jim Majewski

1993 Jim Majewski

1992 Jeff Thayer

1991 Pete Strom

1990 Pete Strom

1989 Bob Kammer

1988 Bill Roberst

1987 John Kammer Jr.

1986 Jim Kammer

1985 Pete Strom

1984 Jim Kammer

1983 Rick Norman

1982 Pete Strom

1981 Jim Kammer

1980 Randy Lueder

1979 Pete Strom

1978 Doug Madison

1977 Bill Allen

1976 Randy Lueder

1975 Jim Kammer

1974 Jim Kammer

1973 John Kammer Jr.

1972 John Kammer Jr.

1971 John Kammer Jr.

1970 Loren Rheineck

1969 Ron Wittenwyler

1968 Gerry Moore

1967 Steve Rogers

1966 Loren Rheineck

1965 Gerry Moore

1964 Gerry Moore

1963 Gerry Moore

1962 Loren Rheineck

1961 Mike Aztalos

1960 John Kammer Sr.

1959 Loren Rheineck

1958 Gust Tekeley

1957 Gerry Moore

1956 Mike Azalos

1955 Bob Snyder

1954 John Kammer Sr.

1951 Wilson Beebe

1950 Wilson Beebe

1949 Richard Beischel

1948 Ben Beebe Jr.

1947 Ben Beebe Jr.

1946 Ben Beebe Jr.

1945 Leo Roethe

1944 (tie) Dr. S. H. Weidmann; Vick Renk

1943 Richard Beischel

1942 Ben Beebe Jr.

1941 Leo Roethe

1940 Walter Mode Sr.

1939 Wilson Beebe

1938 Walter Mode Jr.

1937 Walter Mode Jr.

1936 Walter Mode Jr.

1935 Walter Mode Jr.

1934 Howard Weiss

1933 Howard Weiss

1932 Ben Morris

1931 Ben Beebe Sr.

Senior Division — Medalist

2019 Dennis Tessman

2018 Dale Sauer

2017 Jim Herbst

2016 Steve Petrosik

2015 Ken Applegate

2014 John Wilmet

2013 John Wilmet

2012 Buzz Janes

2011 Buzz Janes

2010 Ron Vogel

2009 Buzz Janes

2008 Buzz Janesw

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