All right, let’s try to break down these next two weekends in the Home Talent League Southeast Section.

First things first, Jefferson is in and either the second seed or the third seed depending upon how things shake out with Stoughton in the final two weekends.

Albion is the top seed in the four-team playoffs. They clinched that after bludgeoning Waterloo on Sunday.

Now, what about Fort Atkinson?

Fort Atkinson has two games left in the regular season: Saturday the Generals (9-5) play Albion (13-1) and the following Sunday they play Evansville, which sits at 8-5.

Evansville has three games remaining: Two games this weekend against McFarland (3-9) and the aforementioned date with the Generals.

If Fort Atkinson beats Albion and Evansville takes two from McFarland, the Generals will need to beat Evansville to secure the last spot in the playoffs based on having a better record. That scenario is the easiest and best result for Fort Atkinson.

If Fort Atkinson beats Albion and Evansville splits with McFarland, the Generals will need to beat Evansville in order to win the tiebreaker. Earlier in the season, Evansville beat Fort Atkinson, 4-0. The first tiebreaker is head-to-head record. Evansville would have it.

If Fort Atkinson beats Albion and Evansville gets swept by McFarland, the Generals are in.

Things get more complicated if Fort Atkinson can’t beat Albion.

Losing to Albion would mean the Generals have to beat Evansville and hope the Jays lose at least once to McFarland. If Evansville loses once, the tiebreaker would pass head-to-head and the next tiebreaker is strength of victories, which Fort Atkinson has the upper hand in with its victory over Albion on Memorial Day. All of Evansville’s losses have come against teams currently in the top four spots.

All that said, good luck.

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