Jalen Knuteson ended a 34-month tenure with the Daily Jefferson County Union on Thursday. Knuteson was the sports editor at the Daily Union, as well as the Lake Mills Leader and Cambridge News sports editor.

With the help of coaches, players and athletic directors, the local sports community says goodbye to Knuteson.

Steve Mahoney (Fort Atkinson Athletic Director)

“Jalen was truly a professional, he took pride in promoting athletics and telling the story to the readers. He built relationships with our coaches and athletes, he certainly was more than just a sports writer to Fort Athletics.”

Steve Hicklin (Lake Mills boys basketball)

“Jalen provided us with wonderful coverage throughout his time in the area, but his coverage went beyond reporting scores. He was always looking for an interesting story about our players and wanted to tell the stories that went beyond just the games. He understands that high school sports are more than just the results of games, but it’s truly about the kids, and he was great at sharing that with the readers.”

Reese Fetherston (Jefferson senior)

“I remember Jalen as our fun and friendly local reporter. When he would come to games we would cheer for him and try to have him take a picture of us. He was always respectful of the athletes. His coverage was honest and unique. We students always liked him as well because he would still talk to us and be friendly when the camera was off or when he w not reporting. We’re going to miss Jalen’s energy and his commitment he brings to our town. Best of luck Jalen.”

Drew Jeffery (Cambridge senior)

“Interactions with Jalen were always easy going, and often involved him taking a stab at me after missing free throws or three-putting. He provided excellent coverage of high school sports in the community. It was always a pleasure to talk to Jalen and his presence will definitely be missed.”

Ryan Gerber (Fort Atkinson wrestling)

“I’ve always appreciated Jalen’s integrity and fairness in covering our team. He’s always made our team feel as important as any other team or sport. He didn’t diminish what we were doing simply because it was wrestling. He came to our events, always asked good questions and found great stories to tell. He made our program feel special.

“In the past, I’d have to write what I wanted to see in the paper. With Jalen, it felt like we were a priority. He did his research and always sought out the conversation. He was willing to learn and listen and used what knowledge he had of wrestling to push the conversation further.

“He was a tremendous partner and friend to the program. I’m happy for him and the new opportunities ahead of him, but sad to see him go.”

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